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Hub Packaging Systems offers a wide range of durable, rugged and highly reliable stretch wrapping machines to help you protect your valuable product. Let us help you determine the best machine for your application and budget.  Depending on your product and pallet wrapping needs, Hub Packaging Systems offers semi and fully automatic models in turntable, rotary tower and orbital configurations.

With decades of direct applications experience on your side, you can count on durable equipment from Hub Packaging Systems to meet your industry needs.  Our line of rugged and effective stretch film machinery is manufactured to help you protect each of your pallets.  Whether you choose our semi-automatic wrappers, stand alone automatic stations, automated wrapping systems or specialty application wrapping machinery, you get durability and reliability.


High-Profile (HP) or Low-Profile (LP)

This video shows both the HPS (High Profile Standard) model and the LPS (Low Profile Standard) model wrapping pallet loads quickly and efficiently. The HPS is best suited for fork lift loading, while the LPS can be loaded by fork lift or with a pallet jack (optional ramp required). The S Series uses the InstaThread powered pre-stretch film delivery system which maximizes film strength and resiliency while at the same time minimizing film use. Steel construction and heavy duty components make the S Series super rugged and reliable, and the best value in its price range.

Rotary Tower Wrapper

The Flex RTD sets the standard for high performance semi-automatic rotary tower stretch wrappers for unitizing a variety of pallet loads.


High-Profile (HP) or Low-Profile (LP)

See how the HPA and LPA automatically clamp, cut and wipe down the film tail resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.

Introducing the Flex HPA & LPA, Orion’s latest stand-alone automatic stretch wrappers, designed to maximize your pallet wrapping operation.  Both of these top-of-the-line Flex models allow operators the ability to initiate the wrapping cycle with a simple pull from a hanging lanyard, eliminating the need to manually attach the film to the load at the beginning of the cycle and detach it after wrapping.

The ergonomically designed insta-thread film carriage is easy to load and only takes a few seconds, simply open the hinged panel, drop in the film tail and close.  Then place the film tail in the clamp, close the clamp, and you’re ready to wrap loads.  Programming of the Flex HPA & LPA is simple.  No maze of confusing buttons and switches, just a clean, easy to read LCD display.

Conveyorized Twin Station Stretch Wrapper

Operator can place unwrapped load on turntable without need to pick up load that was just wrapped. Saves time and increases efficiency. A Conveyorized Twin Station stretch wrapping machine designed to increase fork lift efficiency and reduce load handling times by providing a powered conveyor turntable and a gravity conveyor section used as a staging platform for wrapped loads waiting to be picked up.


A full line of Orion wrapping systems is available for even the most challenging wrapping application. Below are just a few examples.

Automatic stretch wrapping systems require no operator. Pallet loads are brought to the machine via conveyor and are automatically stretch wrapped according to pre-programmed parameters. The only operator intervention required is changing of stretch film when the roll is empty.

All Orion automatic systems are built with the highest degree of structural integrity, flexibility, reliability and performance. For more standard load types and a smaller machine footprint, Orion’s FA machine fits the bill perfectly. For more difficult load types, such as fragile or easily toppled loads, Orion’s MA rotary tower automatics are ideal

These fully automatic pallet wrapping systems and the automated wrapping machine are manufactured solely with structural steel (no framed metal or plastic parts) for the longest possible machine life in the harshest possible environments.

In addition, Orion utilizes non-proprietary, locally obtainable components combined with an open mechanical design for maximum up time and easy of maintenance on your automatic stretch wrapping equipment.

Turntable Automatics

Orion FA shown with optional top sheet dispenser

Rotary Tower Automatics

Orion’s MA-X stretch wrapping machine and rotary stretch wrapper is our top of the line rotary tower in terms of speed, weight capacity and features. The MA-X stretch wrapper can handle loads weighing up to 6,000 pounds and features a 0-30 RPM rotating arm for throughput of up to 120 loads per hour. This automatic rotary stretch wrapping machine is an excellent choice for high production level applications which demand maximum speed, efficiency and long term durability.


Over the years, we have been asked to apply state-of-the-art stretch packaging technology to unique (custom) applications in which standard stretch wrapping systems were not sufficient. As a result, Hub’s partnership with Orion has become known in the industry for being willing and able to provide custom stretch wrapping machines for specialty applications.

Some of these custom stretch wrapper systems have, in turn, become standard specialty models through customers that have applied them to their unique applications, thus making custom stretch wrap packaging available to industries that, otherwise, would have continued to rely on other unitizing means such as strapping, corrugated, shrink bundling, etc. With well over 100 years of collective experience in their electrical and mechanical engineering departments alone, Orion has the capabilities to design a custom stretch wrap packaging system for most any application we bring them.

Orbital Stretch Wrapping

Orbital type stretch wrapping machines are ideal for long loads that can not be stretch wrapped on a conventional turntable or rotary tower type machine. Examples of products that are well suited for orbital wrapping pipe, plastic extrusions, carpet rolls, lumber, aluminum siding, and many other long products. Ring sizes from 15 inch to 90 inch are available to accommodate virtually all orbital wrapping applications.

Six Sided Stretch Wrapping with Orbital Automatic

In certain industries such as printing, six-sided stretch wrap protection is desired.

Robotic Corner-board Applicator

The fastest and most efficient way to apply corner boards to pallet loads. Using robotics to pick and place the boards vastly increases the precision and simplicity of the process as compared to systems that place boards by mechanical means. Corner boards are attached to loads on the infeed section while transporting in to the wrapping area. Attachment methods can be tailored to customer specifications. Current methods include hot melt glue or nitrogen charged adhesive to produce a foam type adhesive for protecting the corrugate from damage when the boards are removed.

 Window/Door Stretch Wrapping Station

Window stretch wrapping equipment and door stretch wrapping equipment from Orion Packaging is based on the proven technology of our low profile semi-automatic wrapper. The window stretch wrapping system and door stretch wrapping system wraps and protects a wide variety of window and door products.

Roll Wrapper

Orion’s RW-44 is a heavy-duty semi-automatic wrapping system designed to stretch wrap roll product by turning the roll on steel blocking rollers while spinning the product on a 14 RPM turntable. This creates a “cocoon” wrap pattern and provides complete protection and unitization of the roll. Maximum load size is 60″ Diameter x 65″ Length. Maximum load weight is 6,000 pounds.


Highly Effective Double Tight-Wrap System – Bagged or Cubed-Shaped Packs

Achieve unitization, stability, protection, and product visibility.  Our EDL Double Tight Wrap systems are the industry’s gold standard in tight wrap technology. Double Tight Wrap systems use two perpendicular bands of LDPE film to tightly unitize and totally enclose a product or collation. Common applications include sugar, flour pet food and other gable-topped bagged products and cube-shaped products requiring total enclosure.

Continuous Motion Inline System – High Speed Random Size Packs

Wrap random sized packs when using the same film width and enjoy optional automatic film splicing. Our EDL Continuous Motion Inline Automatic systems are a faster, modified version of the base inline automatic system. The servo controlled, continuous-motion seal jaw moves with the product during the seal process for increased line speeds. Designed to handle a wide range of applications, this system is capable of wrapping up to 35 packs per minute.

Inline Automatic Pick & Place Tray System with Tray Former

Inline Automatic (Tray Former): Coffee Brick(SV256) – edlpackaging

Our Inline Automatic systems are EDL’s most flexible end-of-line packaging solution. These systems can be designed to wrap anything from small cartons to large windows in multiple package enclosures at low to moderate speeds.

Inline Automatic Wrap – Total Enclosure

SV289 Side Feed Automatic with Side Seals Wrapping Plastic Jugs (45414) – edlpackaging

Our EDLL side-feed automatic shrink bundling equipment can also provide a total enclosure, as illustrated in the video above wrapping plastic jugs for enhanced cleanliness.


The guts of any taping system begins with reliable, user-friendly tape heads.  Our Dekka tape heads (pictured below) can be retro-fitted to most brands of tapers and they form the foundation of our semi-automatic and fully automatic line of carton closure systems.

DEKKA Tape Heads

DEKKA tape heads are precision constructed in high-quality stainless steel, and easily mount on top and bottom case sealing machines.  They contain polyurethane wipe down rollers that are molded in one piece providing tough, longer lasting rollers requiring less maintenance.  With an open side frame design, tape loading is simple and can be achieved in 30 seconds or less without removing the tape head or taking the machine out of adjustment to access it. The “no-break” taping feature allows for continuous, high-speed tape application.

Dekka Tape Head

Below are just a few examples of our dependable, hardworking carton closing & sealing systems.  Please contact us today for information, specifications and a site survey at no charge.

Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

Our BEL 252 is a fully automatic, pressure sensitive uniform case taper. It is an affordable high quality fully automatic case taper that offers highly advanced production duty design. No other brand of automatic case taper compares with the BEL 252 for compactness, safety, quality of construction, operating performance and value.

Our BEL 252 pressure sensitive case taper is equipped with DEKKA High Performance stainless steel tape heads and the exclusive BEL Snap Folder system providing sealing speeds up to 25 cases per minute. Quick three step size change with simple hand wheel and clamp adjustments enable the BEL 252 to seal a wide range of case sizes.

The BEL 252 fully automatic, uniform case taper is a perfect choice for the production packer looking to automate case sealing lines at a practical cost.

Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

Our BEL 150 is a uniform, pressure sensitive, semi-automatic case taper. It features heavy duty corrosion resistant aluminum C-Beam construction and a powerful Uni-Drive case transport system.  The BEL 150 semi-automatic case taper can seal a wide range of case sizes at speeds up to 30 cases per minute with quick case size changes. The DEKKA High Performance stainless steel tape head is a standard feature. Simple design and rugged construction will deliver years of reliable, low maintenance performance.


Hub offers a full line of semi-automatic and fully automatic carton erectors and accompanying case sealers to streamline your packing process in a variety of environments.  Below are a few examples.  Please contact us for more information, specifications and a free site-survey.

Compact Semi-Automatic Case Erector

Our BEL 505G4 is an extremely compact, semi-automatic case packing system that integrates with a variety of case sealers, enabling one person to form, pack and seal corrugated cases in a single operation.

The BEL 505G4 allows the operator to stay on top of packing by providing the flexibility to pack from one of three sides of the case. This optimizes floor space in lines where space and operator orientation may be restricted. This former is ideal for packagers looking to further improve ergonomics and increase productivity.

The BEL 505G4 features non-contact sensors that allow it to handle re-shipper cases and cases with a high percentage of recycled fibre or light corrugated material with greater reliability. It also features a color-coded pictorial guide, which facilitates setup and quick change- over in seconds. Bi-lingual instructions are available.

Semi-Automatic Form Pack and Seal Unitized Machine

Our BEL 5252u is a unitized case packing and sealing system providing a more compact frame, a simplified case size range, and a competitive price. The forming section is the 505g4 Semi-Automatic Case Former, which automatically folds all four bottom flaps, and holds the case in place. This further enhances the ergonomics of loading hard-to-pack products by improving case handling. The sealing section automatically folds the top flaps with our Snap Folder technology and seals with precision.

Omni-handed Fully Automatic Case Former/Erector

Our WF10 Fully Automatic Case Former/Case Erector showcases a revolutionary omni-handed feature which allows case packers to form right-handed and left-handed cases on the same machine without the need for specifically handed equipment. The fully automatic WF10 omni-handed case former is ideal for customers with multiple product sizes, allowing them to pack products in batches of left-oriented or right-oriented cases with a quick changeover in between. The WF10 case erector’s positive case squaring, delivers square cases in a fully upright position, ready for packing.

With speed and precision, the WF10 erects cases with a maximum speed of 10 cases per minute.  Ensuring that your cases are ready for products in crucial.  Get the Wexxar WF10 and experience increased time efficiencies and decreased labor costs.

With Wexxar machinery, your products remain safe and secure for shipping and distribution.  This fully automatic case former and case erector works to keep your product lines running smoothly and effectively.  With a small footprint, compact operations allow Wexxar’s machine to fit into virtually any application and production line.  Other features on the WF10 include non-contacting sensors, a compliant driver belt, dynamic flap folding, and much more.  Get the fully automatic case former and case erector from Wexxar and secure your products.

Fully Automatic Case Former/Erector

Fully automatic case former-erector

Our WF30 fully automatic case former/case erector overcomes the common variables involved in forming cases that are often associated with the quality of corrugated.  It easily handles the common imperfections in corrugated that can disrupt the forming process, and this remote demand-controlled machine will effortlessly open and form your RSC, HSC or CSSC cases at 30 SPM.

The WF30 automatic case former has re-invented the tool-less set-up, offering simpler, “user obvious” features that mean a quick and easy case size adjustments for packaging lines. Box one is ready to run without the use of tools or guide-books. A color-coded, tactile guide offers a more efficient, friendly system for operators.

Case forming is handled by the Pin & Dome mechanical mechanism and the pin adjustments can be easily released and re-inserted into any different position quickly without having to completely unbolt the mechanism. A new case squaring system, ensures accurate forming by checking squareness throughout the entire forming process. The Tilt-out Tape Head (for the tape version), minimizes downtime with the quick and easy accessed bottom tape head, for fast tape changes.

The WF30 is available for pressure sensitive tape case sealers or hot melt glue forming.

  Standard Features on All Wexxar Machines:

  • Pin & Dome: As flat case blank is injected into the two facing plates, the pins goes into the flutes and the dome pinches the corrugated tightly. The two plates then open to 90 degrees to perfectly square the case. Since no compressed air is used in this process, it greatly decreases contamination and is more durable than vacuum cups which can clog and wear.
  • Safety & Ergonomic Features: Floor level tending reduces strain; every machine Wexxar builds is fully guarded from in-feed to out-feed, interlocked safety guarding throughout the machine; easily accessed control and assemblies; palm e-switches located on both sides.
  • Dynamic Flap Folding: Wexxar case formers have a dynamic flap folding system. As long plow rails aren’t used, the overall length of the machine is significantly more compact.
  • Compliant Drive Belt: Each of the two facing unidrive drive belts is mounted on a spring mechanism. This allows a constant pressure to be exerted on the case, despite normal variations in case width. Even heavy cases are handled carefully and with great control.
  • Non-Contacting Sensors: Proximity sensors are able to have a much greater operating lifetime and don’t cause jams than contacting sensors.
  • In-Line Operation: By keeping the intake and outflow of the machine in line with the rest of the line, aisles are kept free, safety is improved and space is saved.
  • Simplicity of Construction: By planning through each step in the construction of the machine and its materials, Wexxar is able to greatly reduce potential problems.
  • Small Footprint: Compact operations allows Wexxar’s machine to fit into virtually any application and production line.
  • Integrated Controls: Connecting each machine in the full production line through common equipment and protocols reduces complexity and problems while increasing overall control.
  • Tagout/Lockout: When a machine is locked out, it cannot be operated until all the safety features are in place.
  • Paint-Free Construction: No paint: no contaminating flakes, no extra maintenance required.
  • UL-Listed Electrical Panels: Wexxar meets or exceeds all standards, requirements and specifications
  • NEMA Electrical Specifications: Wexxar meets or exceeds all standards, requirements and specifications
  • Regional Service Available: Through Wexxar’s operating partnership with 10 other Pro Mach companies, there are factory trained service specialists available across North America.
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